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Welcome to Shanghai Hui Mei Plastic  Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Huimei Plastic Corp., Ltd is a professional manufacturer producing all kinds of HUADE reflectors, plastic products and car plastic pieces. Our headquarter locates in the east of Pujiang Town, Pudong District, Shanghai, China. We have two factories, one in Shanghai, and another one in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. Kunshan Huimei Huade Hardware Co..Ltd. produce all kinds of HUADE reflectors, plastic products, bicycle parts and other hardware.
Honor Award
Talents are the foundation of the development of enterprises and the first productive force to push enterprises to develop by leaps and bounds.
Corporate culture
Talent is a rational River, where there is a valley, where to converge.
Enterprise introduction
Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and the first productive force of development.
Core advantage
20 years professional reflector industry production and R & D. The industry is global and has partnerships with several large enterprises.
Creative team
The company has professional designers, rich design experience and leading design level make us stand in the leading position in the industry.
R & D team
The company has a professional R&D team of reflectors, whose core technology surpasses the world level and keeps a win-win cooperation with distributors for many years.




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